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Are You Using Your Muscles? – Deconditioning

Deconditioning refers to a generalised decrease in fitness or weakness due to not using your muscles, which can happen as a result of prolonged inactivity or bed rest. It is most commonly seen amongst the elderly population, particularly those who have been hospitalized from an illness. Unfortunately, unlike the illness that was admitted for, the effects of being deconditioned stick around and affect your ability to do things at home and in your community after you leave the hospital.


Deconditioning occurs when the muscles that are used to a certain amount of stress, every day, suddenly don’t receive that stress for some time longer than what they are used to. Stress in this instance refers to outside forces which force the muscles to work.  Muscles require stress to work and grow, if you take away the stress = the muscles have no reason to remain the same size because the demands that are placed on it are not proportional.

Side Effects of Deconditioning

  • Heart rate changes and circulation changes
  • Decreased lung function
  • Muscle weakness
  • Weaker bones
  • Metabolism, Appetite, Fluid Intake
  • Lower Back Pain from prolonged bed rest


By employing the skills and expertise of Physiotherapy, we hope to create individually tailored treatment programs that:

– Prevent the loss of muscle strength and endurance with strengthening exercises and motor control.
– Improve your overall functional status
– Improve the mobility of your joints
– Prevent the loss of flexibility
– Stimulate and promote circulation
– Improve the function of your lungs
– Reduce the rate of bone loss through weight-bearing aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises

Role of the physiotherapist is to provide individually tailored, client-centred treatment and care. Our physiotherapists at Optimum Health Solutions, are available to have a chat with.

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