Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Australia has the best doctors in the world, and surgery can do wonders to improve quality of life. In many cases, it is an absolute necessity. Whether your injury is the result of an accident, degeneration over time or a general procedure, your recovery is not complete without a post-surgery rehabilitation program.

With the right rehab, patients can often exceed their abilities before their injury or surgery.

Post-surgery rehab goals

The team at Optimum Health Solutions is qualified and dedicated to returning you to your pre-injury functionality. In many cases, our patients even exceed their abilities before injury or surgery. Out post-surgery recovery plan focus on 3 main areas:


Reduce swelling

Remedial massage will help to reduce early post-operative swelling and muscular tension.


Improve range of motion

Hydrotherapy creates a low weight-bearing environment, enabling you to do more in the early stages after surgery. This improves your range of motion and early stages of functionality.


Postural Correction

Resistance exercise in our purpose-built rehab gyms is designed to improve posture and return your body to its correct bio-mechanical alignment.

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