Children’s Health

The increase in overweight children in our society comes primarily from poor food choices (high fat and sugary foods), high sedentary periods (watching TV, playing computer games), reduced physical activity and also picking up bad health habits from parents. Overweight children are not only at risk of physical complications, but also mental health issues as they are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem affecting their ability at school and social interaction.

1 in 4 children are overweight or obese in Australia. This number has doubled in recent years.

Goals to overcoming child obesity

Our Paediatric Program involves working with you and your child to set a plan so that it becomes second nature, setting your child on a path to a healthy future.



An Exercise Physiologist can work on a proper program of activity and exercise and help set limits on sedentary activity. When beginning or introducing anything new to a child, we always start slow.



A Dietician can help plan and set a nutrition plan for your child and in fact the whole family. By developing the correct changes then you will reduce the risk that your child will make poor eating and dieting issues later in life.

Medical Referrals & Rebates Accepted

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