Recovering from Injury

The road to recovery for certain injuries can be long and tricky. Persistence with an injury recovery program will ensure any lagging niggles don’t affect your peak performance. It is easy to become complacent and not allow your body to completely heal, risking more serious injury in the future.

The number of hospitalisations in Australia due to injury has increased each year over the past decade and now exceeds 460,000.

Recovering from injury health goals

Our team use evidence-based research to designate exercise programs specifically tailored to your individual needs. Our team is qualified and dedicated to returning you to your pre-injury functionality through individually tailored rehabilitation programs based on your history, injury and ability.


Exercise Rehabilitation

A specific exercise program to assist in recovery from injuries working towards a specific goal. A full health assessment and biomechanical assessment is required to find the strengths and weaknesses that may be contributing to injuries or preventing a full recovery from an old injury.


Holistic treatment

Injury recovery can include but not limited to treatments such as exercise physiology, hydrotherapy, dietetics and physiotherapy. Each combine to ensure you get a rounded rehabilitation and in many cases exceed your physical performance prior to injury.

Medical Referrals & Rebates Accepted

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