Good Balance & Fall Prevention

Falls are a major health issue in the community. As we get older, we lose muscular strength, joint stability and acute awareness of our body position. The prevalence of these factors makes us more prone to falling. We will also have decreased bone density and decreased lean muscle mass. As we age, we are more likely to suffer serious injuries as a consequence of falls, and we face increased recovery times and lost independence.

77% of unintentional injury to Australian’s aged over 65 came from falls.

Fall Prevention & Balance Goals

Each patient is different, however our treatment programs for falls prevention almost always focus on 3 main areas:


Increased Strength

Increase joint strength, bone density and functional movement to improve the ability to participate in daily activities.


Flexibility and range of movement

Designed to enable you to stand up off the floor without assistance. So, if a fall does occur, you have confidence to get up again and seek medical help if necessary.


Improve capability

Increase the abilities to climb up and down stairs and walk up and down hills. This builds confidence in undertaking activities independently.

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