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ONERO™ Onero is an osteoporosis treatment based on exercise designed to prevent osteoporotic fracture by stimulating bone growth and preventing fracture due to falls.

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What is the ONERO™ Program?

Optimum Health Solutions proudly delivers ONERO™, an evidence-based exercise program designed to prevent osteoporotic fractures and enhance bone development. Tailored for individuals with low bone mass, ONERO™ draws upon research from the LIFTMOR and MEDEX-OP trials. This high-intensity regimen improves bone mass, muscle strength, and balance, reducing the risk of falls and fractures.

Research, notably the LIFTMOR and MEDEX-OP trials, underscores the efficacy of high-intensity loading exercises in enhancing bone density, even in individuals with low bone mass. Supervised by accredited ONERO™ practitioners, such as Optimum Health Solutions physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, these exercises are executed safely, minimizing the risk of injury.

The Onero Program is currently being run out of the Mornington and Moonah Clinics in Tasmania and the Croydon Park Clinic in Sydney with more clinics being added soon!

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How Does it Help Those With Poor Bone Health?

While low-intensity exercises may offer marginal benefits,  evidence suggests that high-intensity weight-bearing regimens like ONERO™ yield superior outcomes for bone health. This approach, combined with individualised assessment and program adjustments, ensures optimal results for participants.

Aligned with Healthy Bones Australia and Optimum Health Solutions, ONERO™ embodies a commitment to evidence-based practice and improving bone health outcomes nationwide. Through the delivery of accredited exercise programs, ONERO™ and Optimum Health Solutions empower individuals to take control of their bone health and reduce the risk of fractures.

Meet The Practitioners Spearheading the Onero Program

Olivia Burnett, Matthew McDonagh, Thomas Peppiatt and Joshua Hutchins

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