Cancer Recovery

Cancer is the second biggest cause of death in our society. The good news is that recovery rates are at an all-time high. Exercise programs help you to cope with cancer and its treatment. They have been proven to be safe, feasible and effective. Research demonstrates that exercise intervention aids in recovery and improves your quality of life, following treatment.

Over 150,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia each year.

Cancer Recovery Health Goals

Each patient is different however our treatment programs for cancer recovery focus on 3 main areas:


Regular Exercise

Exercise can assist your recovery and reduce the side effects of treatment, such as: fatigue, nausea, anxiety, depression and muscle weakness. It will also improve bone density, your appetite and digestion. Exercise also improves mental health by reducing stress and anxiety.


Cancer prevention

Physical activity is linked with a decreased risk of certain cancers, in particular breast and colon cancers. If you currently suffer from cancer, studies suggest that regular exercise can help your body to cope with the cancer as well as treatment by boosting immunity and white blood cell production.


Building Intensity

The key to our program is intensity. There is a balance between light weight training and cardiovascular exercises. The body loses lean muscle mass as a result of cancer treatment drugs and radiation. Light weight training is vital to help reduce the loss of lean muscle mass.

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