Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology is the scientific study and treatment of defects, disorders, and malfunctions of speech and voice.

Helping you communicate effectively

When should I see a Speech Pathologist?

If you or your child has difficulty communicating through speech either through developmental delay or disability, a Speech Pathologist will provide invaluable treatment. From stuttering to lisps and confidence in forming words, a Speech Pathologist uses a range of verbal and non-verbal techniques to draw out an individual’s personality through speech and voice.

Why Choose Optimum Speech Pathology

Optimum is accredited by Speech Pathology Australia and is fully equipped to diagnose and treat communication disorders. Early intervention is the key to becoming an effective communicator in later life. We deal with difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using voice.

Speech Pathology for Children

Our Speech Pathologists are able to help children to achieve their true potential both socially and academically through effective communication.

Speech Pathology for Adults

We can also help adults regain the power of speech after a stroke, during dementia or when recovering from a brain injury.

We Support the NDIS. Registered NDIS Provider

NDIS Speech Pathology Program

Speech Pathology is an essential service in treating many disabilities to enable communication which further enables greater integration into the community. Our team have experience in working with all types of disabilities and offer treatment in the studio, at home or via telehealth.

Designed around your needs

State-of-the-art studios, safe in-home treatment and easy to use teleconference facilities. No matter your needs we have your treatment covered.

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Our Speech Pathologists

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