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Behavioural support implements strategies to address the causes of challenging behaviours and fosters adaptive behaviours, effective communication, and independence for diverse individuals.

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When should I seek Behavioural Support?

Individuals should consider seeing a behavioural support practitioner when they encounter challenges related to behaviours that impact their daily lives, relationships, or overall well-being. These challenges include difficulty managing emotions, disruptive behaviours, communication struggles, or developmental concerns. Seeking the assistance of a behavioural support practitioner is beneficial when these challenges hinder personal growth, social interactions, or overall functioning. Whether for oneself, a child, or a family member, consulting with a behavioural support practitioner can provide valuable insights, strategies, and support to address and overcome these challenges. 

Why choose Optimum Behavioural Support?

At Optimum Health Solutions, our Behavioral Support Practitioners employ evidence-based interventions to assess and address your behavioural challenges, enabling you to enhance your ability to engage in meaningful daily activities. We facilitate your successful return to work, assist with daily tasks, and empower you to pursue activities that bring joy and fulfilment to your life.

We Support the NDIS. Registered NDIS Provider

NDIS Behavioural Support Program

Behavioural Support  is widely used for treating a range of disabilities. From Cerebral Palsy to Autism Spectrum disorder and ADHD. It is also a useful part of adjusting to life after a brain or spinal injury, stroke or chronic pain and fatigue.

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