Dietetics is the science of applying the principles of nutrition to the diet.

Helping you to build healthy eating patterns

When should I see a Dietitian?

One of the primary reasons for seeing a Dietitian is for weight loss and managing specific dietary requirements. Using scientific methods, meal and recipe planning is designed to ensure proper nutrition whilst cutting out foods that can impact your health. Dietitians also deal with getting to the root cause of binge eating and compulsive behaviours related to food.

If you are overweight, obese, have type II diabetes or have allergies or food intolerances, including IBS, then seeing a dietitian can ensure you have a scientific plan for healthy food intake.

Why Choose Optimum Dietitians?

Optimum’s Accredited Practicing Dietitians apply the art and science of human nutrition. They help you to understand the relationship between food and health. We support you to make smart dietary choices, kick poor eating habits and enable you to maintain your nutrition plans to live independent and healthy.

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Dietetics is often part of NDIS plans for people managing weight, food intolerances and conditions like dysphagia making it difficult to swallow.

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