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If you are new to Optimum or are looking to book a new appointment, please use the below form to receive a call from our lovely intake team. They can answer any questions you have and let you know the next steps.

Email our intake team via [email protected]

If you would prefer to use an email or have something else you would like to discuss with the Optimum team, please email us via [email protected].

Call our intake team on 02 8599 6284

You can reach our intake team on 02 8599 6284 work from Monday - Friday, from 7:30am – 4pm. Outside of these hours, we recommend you use the below form and our team will get back to you asap.

Fax your referrals

If you would prefer to use fax to share documents with the Optimum team, please us (02) 8583 3135 for BOTH NSW and Tasmanian clinics.

Make a referral for your client or patient

Are you an NDIS Representative (LAC, Support Coordinator, Plan Manager) or Medical Professional (GP, Doctor, Specialist)? If so, please complete the below form to make a referral for a new or existing client. Alternatively, If you have any questions or would like to find out more about becoming a referrer, please email [email protected].

New to the NDIS?

We proudly offer free NDIS Discovery Sessions in-clinic and via telehealth to assist each participant in navigating their NDIS plan and to match them with the correct service to meet their needs. Click the heading above to book your free NDIS Discovery Session.

Cancellation Policy

We value the health and wellbeing of our community at Optimum Health Solutions. We also appreciate time – both yours and ours. This cancellation policy was created out of respect for the time of our clients and our Team to allow more people to achieve their health goals.

  • Appointment Cancellation:
    • If you need to cancel your appointment, we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to your scheduled appointment time.
    • If you fail to provide at least 48 hours’ notice or do not attend your appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Rescheduling:
    • Should you need to reschedule your appointment, we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.
  • Late Arrival:
    • We understand that unforeseen delays can occur. If you expect to arrive late for your scheduled appointment, please notify us as soon as possible.
    • In such cases, your appointment may need to be shortened to ensure that our subsequent appointments are not delayed. The full fee for the appointment will still be applicable.
  • Cancellation Fee:
    • In the event of a late cancellation (less than 48 hours’ notice) or non-attendance to a scheduled appointment, a cancellation fee will be applied.
    • With the exception of NDIA managed or NDIS plan managed clients, the cancellation fee is due directly from the client (cancellation fees are not covered by other funding schemes) and must be paid within 48 hours of an invoice being issued to you. Failure to pay the cancellation fee within 48 hours will result in all further bookings being suspended pending payment.
    • The cancellation fee is 100% of the appointment charge plus any related travel, this includes clients:
      • paying privately,
      • accessing an Enhanced Care Plan (EPC),
      • under the NDIS,
      • under Home Care,
      • under CTP,
      • under any Workcover program,
      • under any Medicare scheme or program,
      • under any other funding scheme or arrangement.
    • Exceptions:
      • We understand that emergencies and extenuating circumstances may arise. In such cases, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.
      • Exceptions to the cancellation policy will be handled on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the General Manager – Optimum Health Solutions.

Please do not rely on SMS reminders – they are a complimentary service and are not foolproof. We consider it your responsibility to remember your appointment. (Please feel free to ask for an appointment card with the time and date, at reception.)

Please note that adhering to our cancellation policy allows us to accommodate other clients who need our services or treatment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in mutually respecting our time, your time and the time of other clients.


Enhanced Primary Care Plan Utilisation Responsibility

If you have been referred by your GP under the Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC), it is important for you to understand that this eligibility comes with a responsibility.

  • You are responsible for the validity of your EPC program for the year, this means:
    • You must make sure that you bring your EPC Referral (from the doctor) as well as your valid Medicare Card and present it to the front counter 10 minutes ahead of your first appointment for the year. We suggest that you take a photo of your EPC Referral as soon as you receive it from the doctor.
    • Double-check with the front counter upon arrival for each session whether you are attending the session under the EPC program. Since Medicare is subsidising your session, it is your responsibility to inform the front counter every single time.
    • You must keep track of the number of sessions that you have utilised for the year. This is to ensure that you will be covered for the sessions that you attend. (See rejected Medicare claim for more information).
    • If you have utilised a few EPC sessions outside of our clinic, it is imperative that you notify us at the front counter so we can adjust your billing.
    • You must attend the sessions that you have booked. Our policy on non-attendance and cancellation strictly applies for patients under the EPC program. Non-attendance of scheduled appointment as well as cancellation within 48 hours will result in a non-attendance fee that is payable by you.


Rejected Medicare Claims

There are a number of reasons why your rebate was rejected. Information will be available on the Medicare website:

  • There are only a limited amount of subsidised Allied Health sessions per calendar year. It is important that you keep track of how many sessions that you have used for the year.
  • If you have exceeded the amount of prescribed EPC sessions, the session will incur an out-of-pocket fee. You will be able to pay for the session using your private health fund (if applicable) and/or EFTPOS transfer.


If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding our cancellation policy, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic.