hydrotherapy and joint pain

Hydrotherapy and Joint Pain

Every day, Exercise Physiologists educate people about the benefits of exercise for joint pathologies and pain. In some cases, hearing the benefits and expected outcomes isn’t merely enough to motivate people to stick to a plan that improves their symptoms and health. Often the case, when a client hears from a fellow client experiencing similar symptoms about the benefits achieved from regular exercise, it increases their own motivation to improve their health.

Here at Croydon Park, we have the luxury of having a hydrotherapy pool within the clinic. This allows people who do suffer from joint pain and pathologies a method to functionally exercise to help decrease their symptoms of pain.

One client from our Croydon Park clinic that I have been working with wanted to write about his experiences so other people enduring the same pathologies and pain will know the benefits of using the hydrotherapy pool.

This gentleman wrote the following email to share his own experiences.

I am writing to say how impressed I am with the hydrotherapy pool at the new premises in Croydon Park. Since moving to the new clinic I have been using the hydrotherapy pool for my lower body exercises. As I have quite painful knees, exercising on land can be difficult and often quite painful. The hydrotherapy pool helps take pressure off my knees while still allowing me to work hard and get the most out of my sessions. As well as allowing me to exercise at a higher capacity I am also finding that after the sessions my knees feel much better compared to before the session. I can recommend the use of the pool to anyone who experiences joint pain, specifically knee pain. I wish to thank the staff for their expert help.”

By using the pool we are ensuring that you are able to perform an exercise session with good intensity but also helping to decrease pain that you are experiencing. Performing exercises such as walking on underwater treadmills, completing range of motion activities and gentle strengthening allow an increase in muscle strength without putting extensive pressure on the joints itself. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing joint pain when exercising on land, please come in and speak to one of our Exercise Physiologist. We are able to design a program based on your needs that can help reduce knee pain, increase strength and still allow you to exercise at a capacity that will help to achieve other goals you may have.

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