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Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic Girdle Pain

What is pelvic pain?

Pelvic pain is a pain in the pelvic joints that may develop during or after pregnancy. Pelvic pain may occur because of:

  • Changes to your posture
  • Increased pressure on your pelvis due to the growth of your baby 
  • Hormonal changes which soften the ligaments that support the pelvis

These changes can place increased strain on the pelvic joints making the joints inflamed and painful. Approximately 20% of pregnant women experience pelvic pain during their pregnancy.

Common symptoms of Pelvic Girdle

  • Clicking, locking or grinding in the pelvic joints
  • Pain in the front or the back of the pelvis, buttocks, groin and/or radiating into the thighs.
  • Pain with activities such as: prolonged walking, getting in and out of the car or bed, rolling in bed, lying flat, deep squatting or lunging, going up and down stairs, standing on one leg (e.g. dressing, putting on your pants), moving from sitting to standing, running and jumping activities

How to treat pelvic girdle

Rehabilitation may include:

  • Postural re-education,
  • Manual therapy,
  • Taping/supportive belts
  • Exercise prescription to strengthen the core muscles of the hip, pelvis and lumbar spine.
  • Speaking to a physiotherapist to develop an exercise and training plan to assist in the recovery of the meniscus

Tips for Pelvic pain

  • Take smaller steps when walking
  • Walk shorter distances
  • Reduce heavy lifting, pushing and pulling activities such as; vacuuming
  • Don’t push through the pain, break up large tasks into smaller activities
  • Rest in between activities
  • Keep your knees together when rolling in bed
  • Sleep on your side with a pillow in between your legs
  • Get in and out of bed with your knees together and by rolling onto your side   
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