Merry Christmas to Everyone in the Optimum Family

Here at Optimum, we continue to grow and partner with great teams of medical and health professionals, with one objective: ‘To enable people to live life to the fullest.’ We are helping people achieve their health goals, overcome injuries, recover from surgery, lose weight, and overcome medical conditions with our great team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Dietitians.

I want to encourage you in three areas:

  1. Let’s not allow the Christmas season to impact negatively on our health, to the extent that it causes us to stumble in our quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy the warm weather, keep your activity levels up by doing something each day. Don’t let the bad eating at this time of year become a daily occurrence. Keep to your healthy eating plan and drink lots of water.
  2. Make an effort to give a little of yourself to someone else. Give something to charity, volunteer that little bit extra at a community event. Take a friend out to lunch and provide encouragement. Christmas doesn’t have to be all about giving presents (but that’s good too). Let’s make an effort to give ourselves a little too.
  3. You may recall from our last newsletter that in 2016, we are giving 12 people, who are incapable of supporting themselves through the process of overcoming their health needs, 12 month’s worth of our services absolutely free. This includes 3 times a week personal training, fortnightly Dietitian appointments, monthly Psych appointments and addressing any Physio needs. I encourage all our readers to direct eligible candidates you know to our website for this gift. Thank you.

Here at Optimum we love helping people. For us it’s about our clients making changes and all the benefits that good health brings. We hope that when you need help, you come to us, and together we can help you ‘live life to the fullest’.

Enjoy the festive season. Hopefully you’ll  find some rest and relaxation time, by either getting away or spending time locally. Merry Christmas from Optimum.

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