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A word from Marc…

Life is good, I love what I do. I love the fact that Optimum helps over 300 people every week. I love that I have a great team of staff who also live and breathe great health, and love to impart their knowledge to our clients. I love the fact that we are making our little piece of difference to the local community. I love that my business is a vessel for not only me, but for our clients to ‘live life to the fullest’.

I had the great privilege recently of spending two days with our management team, away from the daily activities of the studios. What a truly amazing bunch of people Optimum has on staff. They are not only great clinicians, but are amazing people. I love the fact that we are not your ‘run of the mill’ facility, happy to exist and collect pay cheques. I love the fact that our staff want to improve, so that the business is able to provide a better service to you. I love that we are a team and that each person is prepared to put the client first, to ensure that every time they come into our facility we “are the best part of their day’’. I love the fact that they want to improve and become better versions of themselves. Finally, I love the fact that every member of our staff practices what they preach.

Whilst driving home I was contemplating everything mentioned above. I realised that, despite the fact that Optimum is an amazing vessel to enable people to get results, the truth is only YOU can make the change.

I want you to ask yourself today: Is there an area that I want to change in my health? If the answer is yes, then step 2 is to have a look at yourself and be prepared to actually make that change. When you are prepared to change, that is when the amazing staff at Optimum are going to be able to help you, because they are hungry to help, and are ready to be that vessel.

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