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why calcium is important

Why Calcium is Important

Calcium is incredibly essential for healthy teeth and solid bones. The best way to ever obtain calcium is from dairy products, along with alternative foods from which we can also obtain a satisfactory level of calcium for people that don’t consume milk products.


The average individual needs to be consuming at least two and a half to four servings of dairy. Sources of dairy may include regularly intaking traditional products such as milk, yogurt, cheese and/or non-animal based alternatives. Calcium requirements, additionally, escalate across multiple periods of life, such as puberty and mature ages. With that in mind it is important to continually monitor your daily intake and ensuring healthy bones all your life.

what equals to a serve of dairy?

According to Dietetians Australia one equal serving of dairy equates to:

  • 250ml of milk
  • 40g of cheese
  • 200g of yoghurt
  • 120ml of evaporated unsweetened milk.

alternatives to animal-based diary products

There is additionally many different, alternative products that can help you achieve your dairy intake goals that don’t include the consumption of animal products. This is perfect for those following a vegan diet. Foods include:  

  • Calcium-fortified soy, almond, or several other cows milk substitutes containing 
    at least 100 mg of calcium per 100ml.
  • Almonds
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Green leafy vegetables and legumes.


There are many, easy ways to increase calcium in your everyday diet. Here are some tips below, however you should always take note of your doctor and dietitians recommendations, specific to your diet plans. 

  • Low fat cheese in Salad or sandwiches
  • Added milk in fruit filled smoothies
  •  Regular coffee with milk
  • Yogurt in curries or soup or pasta dishes

Everyone’s chance of osteoporosis is raised by not providing sufficient calcium. The effect of osteoporosis is that the bones drop calcium and thus become brittle. Getting sufficient calcium within everyone’s diet and as well as daily exercise allows better preserve safe and solid bones.

Our amazing Dietitians at Optimum Health Solutions can provide you with evidence-based strategies and plans to help you develop healthy eating behaviours, includes calcium management.


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