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Now that restrictions are starting to ease and we are starting to feel more comfortable getting out of isolation. You might be starting to think about getting back into exercise, but the big question is where do you start?

Below are some tips on how to help get you started, please keep in mind that if you are injured or have had a flare up it is recommended that you should seek help from a qualified health professional.

Start where you are

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting back into exercise is trying to start where you left off, and constantly comparing yourself to what you once could do. All this does is set you up for failure, the body naturally deconditions when it is not stimulated with exercise and therefore you cannot try to start at the same level you left off.

What this means is you will need to get back to basics, start with a few basic movements or a smaller walk than normal, and see how you pull up and then slowly build from there. If you are unsure how to do this, I would recommend talking to a health professional to help you out.

Identify your ‘why’

Next, would be to identify your why? Why do you want to get back to exercise? Why are you choosing to make this change now? Asking these sorts of questions will help you build your goals and help drive you to keep reaching your goals, even on those days where you cannot seem to find any motivation. It is on those days you need to think back to your why, and why you are doing this to help push you towards your goals.

Get organised and make a plan

After you have you have identified your why it is important to make a plan and get organised. You are more likely to skip a workout or not stay consistent with your journey if you do not have a clear plan and get organised. You can accomplish this by finding time for your exercises and book that same time each week to help build a habit. You can also do this by packing your workout clothes on the chair for the morning or have them in the car to help remind you to stick to your plans.

It’s not going to be a linear process

Another thing to remember is your journey towards your goal won’t be linear. What I mean by this is it is normal to have some bad days, some days where you plateau and it doesn’t seem like you are progressing anywhere, as well as some days where it feels like you’re going backwards. This means that when you look at each day individually it can be quite frustrating; this is where it is important to look at the big picture. To see that despite having some bad days or plateaus, that overall you are still moving towards your goal. However, if you find you are having a lot of bad days or you just are not getting anywhere you may find that you need some adjustments to your program. This is where talking to a health professional can really help to keep you progressing and adapting towards your goal.

Be kind to yourself

As you are aware, reaching your goals will not be a linear process and there are going to be barriers and obstacles along the way. It is important during this time to remember to be kind to yourself and to make sure you celebrate the small wins. That it’s okay to have  a bad day as long as you pick it up and try and gain. Consistency is what will get you results, just like one good day won’t get you towards your goal, one bad day won’t set you back.

Get Accountable

Finally, to help you reach the goals you need to be held accountable, this can be to yourself, a friend/family member or to your practitioner. Being accountable will help you on the days where you cannot find any motivation and will help keep you disciplined and consistent with your exercises.

Whether you’ve been doing home workouts or staying active in other ways during this time. Take this opportunity to reset and do it right. Take the time to work on your technique and rebuild your foundation to help get you stronger and better.

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