What Motivates You To Move?

For Christmas last year I received a Fitbit Charge HR and since then, I have only taken it off to shower. This activity wrist band tracks my workouts, measures my heart rate, the distance I have walked and the number of steps I have taken. It became something I couldn’t leave the house without – maybe it will have the same motivating effect on you.

Society today leads a remarkably sedentary lifestyle, spending way too much time seated and not enough time moving. If this is the case for you, then it’s time to break the unhealthy habit and find the motivational resources that will make you move.

For me, this new wireless technology provides a constant motivation to challenge myself, push the limits and keep active. For those that really know me, I am incredibly competitive. I can’t help myself and this was no different.

Numerous times throughout the day I find myself checking my data and asking myself: How close am I to my goal of 10,000 steps? Did I get there faster than yesterday? What is my heart rate right now? And it’s the improvements in the data that motivate me to push harder and longer than ever before.

So what to do if you don’t own a Fitbit? No, you don’t need to purchase one. Track your exercise with a diary, recording what type of exercise you’ve completed (walked, swam, resistance training), the length of the session and how you felt during and after.

Over time, you will have your own data recordings that you can reflect upon. You can use these as a motivational resource to continue pushing the boundaries and achieving your goals.

Another option is finding a workout buddy. Someone who will motivate you, or make you feel guilty if you cancel on them. You can work together to achieve your goals and enjoy the social aspect involved as well.

Workout buddies can also include the canine type. You know the pooch will run amuck inside the house until you walk him. This is good enough motivation if you ask me – and it’s the best way to expend his energy as well as your own.

If you need any further ideas on motivational resources and exercise tracking, or if think an Exercise Physiologist could be the perfect motivational resource for you, give Optimum Health Solutions a call and book yourself a free consultation.

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