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what is a tongue tie

What is a Tongue-Tie?

A tongue-tie or ankyloglossia is a disorder in which a person has a small tissue frenulum. Consequently, the individual’s tongue remains firmly kept against the mouth floor, potentially leading to an individual being unable to stick their tongue through their lips. A tongue tie may also cause the tip of the tongue to stay in a heart-shaped formation.

What’s The Impact of Tongue-tie?

For children, kids or adults, a tongue-tie can sometimes be present and males are often more likely to incur a tongue-tie than females. The origin of the tongue-tie is unclear, although there can sometimes be a hereditary link.

Tongue ties rarely actually impair the production of speech; adolescents and adults with tongue ties will still successfully complete speech sounds and usually have adequate speech development. Tongue-tie is often only deemed a concern when it prevents the natural freedom of movement and operations necessary to feed, chew, and remove food from within the mouth and teeth or affects a person’s speech lucidity.

Speech Pathologist’s Role in Tongue-tie

Our speech pathologists have the professional ability to study, diagnose and treat tongue-tie and related issues with chewing, swallowing and communication. The speech pathologist can track and analyse speech, and whether the tongue works to consume and communicate. Additionally, it is regular, following tongue-tie operation, for a speech pathologist to see a child or adult for even a short duration of rehabilitation to support them move their tongue and necessary functioning or assist with strengthening exercises that may effectively reduce damaged tissue development.

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