The Pilates Reformer

There is no doubt you have seen or used the great, big, spring-loaded Pilates reformers in each of our clinics at some time during your training at Optimum. This extremely versatile machine allows you to perform a variety of different exercises laying down, sitting, kneeling and standing. It incorporates pushing, pulling and twisting of upper and lower limbs and core. In other words on the reformer, you can train many parts of the body in many different ways all on the one machine. There are many exercises to perform from beginner all the way up to advanced levels.

The machine consists of a sliding platform called the carriage, which rolls back and forth within the frame. At one end the carriage is connected to a set of springs providing differing levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed and pulled along the frame. On the spring end of the reformer, the adjustable foot bar can be used by the feet or hands to push the carriage along the frame. The reformer also has long straps attached to the top end, which can be used to move the carriage with the hands and feet as well.

The exercises performed on the reformer help to promote strength, flexibility, muscle length, and balance. With a targeted program this can improve posture, the efficiency of movement, joint stability, and balance. On the reformer, you are able to train muscle through a full range of motion which helps you to remain flexible while building strength.

If you are interested in utilising the Pilates reformer or have any further queries, please consult one of our exercise physiologist at an Optimum studio near you today!

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