During my initial assessments here at Optimum Health Solutions, a common statement that I hear from clients is that they have an inconsistent exercise history due to a poor routine. This lack of commitment is a major concern, as addressing it will lead to improvements and enabling them to live life to the fullest.

On reflection, it’s evident that through my professional career as an Exercise Physiologist, the clients that have a strong routine and perform their exercises regularly obtain the best results. This is not an overly surprising statement.

So what is routine? For me it would be undertaking an activity on a regular basis, that can be planned and structured.

At Optimum, we set out expectations during the initial assessment to have a committed exercise regime and lead to a lifestyle change to improve your health. This is through a set amount of supervised sessions (ie, twice or three times per week) and an additional home based program.

Here are some tips that can help your address your routines and maintain a regular exercise program:

• Diarise your exercise to set it as part of your life.
• Attend appointments on a regular day and time.
• Have set days when your perform exercises that target a specific area (eg: lower body, upper body,
cardiovascular, core and flexibility days).
• Exercise with group of friends to make it a team environment.
• Increase the variety in your exercise program.
• Have goals using the SMART approach so that your program is addressing your meaningful targets.
• Review your performance monthly.
• Discuss any barriers that arise, and address these before they have a major impact.
• Reward and highlight your successes.

If you would like further assistance with your exercise and lifestyle, please visit one of our clinics. Optimum’s helpful Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists will be able to provide you with a tailored individual plan, to help assist with developing a better routine.

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