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Smart Food Swaps – Small Changes, Big Results

While restrictive diets may show instant results on the scales, they are generally not sustainable and result in re-gained weight. Instead focus on small changes, which are manageable and can be sustained long term. These swaps will save you calories and help you to reach your weight goals over time.

Eat whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice: Juicing fruit removes most of the fibre content, leaving you to consume extra calories and feeling unsatisfied. Reap the full nutritional benefits from fruit by having it whole, not to mention, it can also be used as a great healthy snack on the go.

Add Greek yogurt instead of sour cream: Add the same creamy coolness to any dish with a tablespoon of Greek yogurt. You will amp up the protein and cut down on the fat.

Replace sugar with cinnamon: Enhance the flavor of your porridge without adding extra calories. It can also be used to heighten the flavor of your morning coffee!

Switch the soda for sparkling water: If you prefer some flavour to your water, try mixing in some fruit and herbs – try lemon-lime or strawberry-mint.

Spread avocado instead of butter: With a crack of pepper and slice of tomato on top a grainy vita-weat come together for a great mid-meal snack.

Snack on air-popped popcorn instead of chips: When the salt cravings hit, grab a handful of air-popped popcorn over potato crisps. This will provide sustained satisfaction with a quarter of the calories.  

Switch french fries for potato salad: Chilled potatoes pack more resistant starch than any other kind of spud. Sometimes called the third starch, resistant starch is not absorbed in the small intestine, making you eat less and feel fuller longer.

Try tandoori chicken instead of chicken stir fry: Besides skipping the sodium-filled soy sauce, tandoori’s curry is a great source of the antioxidant curcumin, which inhibits the formation of fat tissue.

Swap out your snack bar for a handful of almonds: For protein without all of the fillers, a handful of almonds will do the trick and helps you avoid fructose corn syrup.

Replace lollies with dark chocolate: Lollies sends blood glucose levels through the roof without any positive nutritional properties. Dark chocolate on the other hand is a nutrient-dense food offering antioxidants and more slowly digested energy.

For tailored nutrition advice, book in to visit one of our Optimum Accredited Practicing Dietitians. Let us help you to achieve and sustain your health and weight loss goals. Visit the Optimum Heath Solutions website at www.opt.net.au to book in your initial consult today!

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