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Research Finds the Secret to Maintaining Weight Loss for Good

Maintaining Weight Loss

Maintaining weight loss is one of the biggest struggles for clients that are overweight or obese. New research from the University of Copenhagen offers new insights and a clearer understanding of how to successfully sustain weight loss.

The human body uses regulatory mechanisms to keep its weight within its natural range – this is known as the set point theory. For example, if you eat more than you need to maintain your body weight, then typically your body temperature will rise and your metabolism speeds up to burn the extra calories. On the other hand, if you do not eat enough to maintain your weight, your basal metabolic rate slows down to spare the available energy and release hormones to increase your hunger levels. These mechanisms are in place to try to return your body back to its natural weight range, making it increasingly difficult to maintain weight loss.

New Research

Subsequently, new research has shown that that if an individual is able to maintain an initial weight loss for one year, the body will adjust its set point and accept the changed weight.

The study revealed that after one year of successful weight loss, hormones that inhibit the appetite increased. The hunger hormone ghrelin – which was increased initially after weight loss – returned to its normal level after one year.  This new research has demonstrated the body’s ability to adjust to a new set point, in order to facilitate the continuation of a new reduced body weight.

This new finding is not only interesting, but uplifting, since it demonstrates that if you maintain your weight loss for one year, you have passed the critical point. At this point, it will become easier for you to maintain your weight loss, as your body is no longer fighting against you, but with you, towards your goal of weight loss. It shows the importance of keeping the routine and the support network for a year, following the achievement of your goal.

If you are struggling to maintain weight loss, let one of the Accredited Practicing Dietitians at Optimum Health Solutions help to achieve and sustain your health and weight loss goals. Visit the Optimum Heath Solutions website www.opt.net.au to book in for a free initial consultation today!

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