Newsletter Issue 58 – March 2014

A word from Marc…

Summer has officially ended! I personally like the heat but for many people the Autumn change is preferable. I always talk about routine and consistency and I will never stop preaching this message but for some people the cooler weather may give you the kickstart to get out and exercise. We have to bring activity into our life every single day. In the past we got enough activity through our profession and daily lives but we don’t get that anymore, so you need to plan exercise and activity for every day.

However this month I want to talk to you about your diet and what we are putting into our body. I am going to be brutally honest, the average Australian’s diet is appalling. We eat a diet comprised of processed food with added preservatives and high calorie content. We overeat, our portion sizes are just too big and combined with the fact that we do not have enough activity in our life it is no wonder that 68% of Australians are overweight.

What are we doing about it? What personal action are you taking for you and your family to break this cycle?

I have the greatest mother in the world, but one small thing that I am so thankful for was the fact that she instilled the love of fresh fruit and vegetables in me from an early age. Our house was always stocked with fresh fruit. Every 2-3 days my Mum would arrive home from work with the next stock of fruit. When I said I was hungry the same reply was received ‘have an apple.’ Now as a kid you wanted the sugary sweet snack, but my Mum knew enough to instil the value of fresh food into my life. Today I love fresh produce and I can trace it back to how I was raised and how I learned to love fruit and vegetables. Are you providing this same quality for your family? Sadly this is not happening in the average household in Australia.

Do you need help? If you do then we have a Dietitian at each of our Optimum locations. Get help and start to apply it into your own life. We have a great introductory special for you. Do you want to make the change to your diet and to the health of you and your family?

”The wise man should consider that health the greatest of human blessings. Let food be your medicine.”

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