Optimum’s NDIS Service Offerings

At Optimum, our mission statement has always been “to enable people to live life to the fullest”. This statement is applicable none more so to our NDIS clients! We firmly believe that the NDIS is crucial in the development and evolution of the support structures for the differently abled population within Australia.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is designed to offer people with permanent and significant disabilities the ability to choose what sort of care and support they need. It is estimated that by 2019, nearly half a million Australians will be covered by the scheme – providing reasonable and necessary support through individualised support packages.

As the leading preventative health company in Australia, Optimum Health Solutions has always aimed to provide the highest quality of care to our clients. Our staff are the highest Allied Health professionals, leading the way in evidence based exercise programs that deliver complete solutions to our client’s health needs. With the introduction of the NDIS within NSW, we have facilitated developments in our service offerings – helping us to become an official NDIS service provider.

Our service offerings include:

Occupational Therapy

  • Optimum’s Occupational Therapists are client-centred health professionals. Their primary goal is to enable people to participate in the activities of everyday lives. Our practitioners achieve this through assisting the individual to engage in the occupations they want to, need to, or are expected to do, or by modifying the occupation/environment to better suit their participation.

Exercise Physiology

  • Our ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists are trained to prescribe evidence-based exercise to general populations AND to clinical populations who have any form of chronic disease, and/or pain of a musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiopulmonary and/or metabolic nature (such as Osteoporosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Hypertension, Diabetes and more).

Speech Pathology

  • Our Speech Pathologist studies, diagnoses and treats communication disorders, including difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering and using voice. They work with people who have difficulty communicating because of development delays, stroke, brain injuries, learning disability, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, dementia, and hearing loss, as well as other problems that can affect speech and language.


  • Our Physiotherapists work alongside and lead our team of Exercise Physiologists. They work with you to create a long term exercise and rehabilitation plan to prevent the reoccurrence of your pain, symptoms or injuries. Our Physiotherapy treatment utilises up to date techniques including mobilisation, manipulation, dry needling, soft-tissue massage, trigger point therapy and stretching. This is combined with education and rehabilitation to strengthen, rehabilitate and retrain specific areas of your body to alleviate your symptoms, reduce pain and get you back to your desired activities


  • Our hydrotherapy pool is heated to approximately 33 degrees Celsius. This enables patients to fully relax (in contrast to tensing up in cold water), promoting pain relief and encouraging circulation. The warmth of the water is crucial for improving muscle elasticity, via increasing muscle temperature. This enables muscles to be more easily stretched through exercises.


  • Our accredited practicing dietitians manage client-centered nutritional care by planning and implementing appropriate diets and menus for our valued clients – helping you to make dietary choices to attain and maintain health, and to prevent and treat health conditions. Optimum’s nutrition programs cover topics personalised to your nutritional needs, and as a result, our programs offer a holistic approach to creating balance in your nutritional health.


  • Our Podiatrist can help to improve your mobility and independence through the prevention and management of foot problems.  The conditions that a podiatrist will treat can include bone and joint disorders, muscular problems and neurological or circulatory diseases. 

Are You Or Someone You Know Eligible For The NDIS?

 To qualify for a personalised disability support plan through the NDIS the participant must:

  • Be aged between 0-65 years.
  • Have a permanent impairment or disability that results in substantially reduced functional capacity that affects participation and requires lifetime support.

Find out more about the NDIS eligibility criteria here: NDIS Eligibility

At Optimum Health Solutions we aim to be your COMPLETE NDIS service provider.  If you are in need of help with your NDIS plan, please contact our NDIS coordinator Tracey Camden on 0246009182). If you would like to book in for a treatment, call your nearest Optimum studio.

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