My NDIS Experience

NDIS has been extremely fun and rewarding for me as a practitioner and for the staff here at Optimum. We are really loving that we have the opportunity to make a real difference in peoples lives.  Across the whole Optimum network we have over 50 clients now who have chosen us as their provider for Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and Dietetic treatments. Currently I am seeing 6 clients personally and it really is bringing me great joy, all with their own unique need for Optimum to help them live life to the fullest.

If there is one constant message that we hear whether it be from clients, local area coordinators or support coordinators, it is that our service provision is excellent and the convenience of having all our services coordinated under the one banner is exactly what they need. Before people knew about Optimum, their experiences involved racing around to a variety of locations to receive different strands of services. We have also appointed an internal NDIS Coordinator within our company that is available to answer any questions about any stage of the process, and our team of studio managers. My goal as a studio manager is to make the experience seamless and professional at the same time. Carers and clients really appreciate the follow up and open communication lines that exist between themselves and my staff. Plus, they are seeing the improved results in achieving their goals.

Moreover, I love the fact that we see this as a great opportunity for our practitioners to be exposed to the variety of challenges that individuals face, and then to deliver a service that improves their daily living outcomes. We’ve seen examples of individuals growing in confidence in physical capabilities, social interaction and therefore, having a happier state of mind. Individuals look forward to their sessions with our practitioners and we strive to allow each to set their own goals and support them in achieving these through planned service provisions. Our clients are always reassured when we explain exactly how their sessions are contributing towards the achievement of their health goals.

We are excited as a team to work with local support coordinators and individuals to further expand our NDIS clientele and to show that a disability is not a limitation but a gateway to prove how powerful a human can be in achieving great things in life and getting the most out of it.  At Optimum we have the facilities and team to achieve this and we’re looking forward to assisting more people realise this and provide them with the outcomes they desire.

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