Mushroom Risotto


Arborio Rice: 150 grams
Barley: 150 grams
Salt reduced stock (chicken or vegetable): 6 Tsp
Brown onion (diced): 1 medium
Garlic: 1.5 cloves
Carrot: 1 medium
Diced mushrooms: 510 grams
Sliced parmesan cheese: 10 grams
Grated parmesan cheese: a sprinkle
Grated thyme: 6 tbsp
Nutmeg: 3 pinches
Parsley: 6 pinches
Olive oil: 30 ml
White wine: 120 ml
Spinach: 300 grams


1. Slice the mushrooms and place into a 180 degree oven with 1 clove of garlic and the nutmeg. Cook for 25 minutes or until mushrooms are soft.
2. Place the diced onion, carrot, chopped garlic, thyme and olive oil into a large saucepan and cook until soft.
3. Add the rice and barley and allow the oil to coat, cooking on high heat until the rice is glossy. Add the wine and turn the heat to medium.
4. Add one ladle of heated, salt-reduced stock to the risotto and continually stir. Add each ladle as the risotto mixture becomes thick and stock is absorbed.
5. When 80% of the stock has been used, add half of the roast mushrooms and the spinach. Continue adding more stock and stirring as the mixture absorbs the stock.
6. When all the stock has been added, turn off the heat and add 60g of parmesan cheese. Cover for 5 minutes. Taste and season with pepper.
7. Serving size is 350g. Serve with the remaining roast mushrooms, a sprinkle of parmesan and some freshly cracked pepper.

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