Metabolic Syndrome and Exercise

It has been recommended that the primary management and prevention of MSyn should be focused on changing the person’s lifestyle habits, this includes both the persons current diet and exercise activity. The risks can be reduced by increasing leisure time and high intensity exercises, the risks on the other hand are increased when the individual has a sedentary behaviour. Interventions should be focused on childhood and adolescence population; this includes reducing screen time [ie. Watching TV, video games, etc.] and increasing their participation in physical activity and sporting activities, this should reduce the likelihood of developing MSyn in the persons later life.

To Manage MSyn Effectively, Is To Control Diet and Exercise

Treatment should focus on lifestyle changes addressing abdominal obesity and insulin resistance. Weight loss treatment should be persistent on caloric restriction, increased physical activity and behaviour modification as recommended by National Health and Medical Research Council. The goal is to achieve a 5-10% reduction in weight loss, this can be done by reducing portion size, high energy foods and include following a diet program creating kilojoule energy deficit.


Increase physical activity has its own benefits, including managing blood glucose levels and reducing risk of diabetes and CVD. Exercise should especially be emphasised on the elderly and those with depression caused by these comorbities. In terms of prescription of exercise, the combination of aerobic and resistance training has been seen to be effective in reducing and even reversal of MSyn risk factors.

  • Aerobic Exercise
    • Examples: Walking, Running, Cycling, Swimming, etc.
    • Accumulate 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a day,
    • Overall, the individual should aim for minimum of 250 minutes per week, moderate intensity exercise or 125 minutes per week, high intensity.
  • Resistance Exercise
    • Examples: Machine weight, Free weights, body weight, etc.
    • Minimum of 60 minutes per week, gradually progressing to more sessions devoted to resistance exercise,
    • Exercises prescribed should be focused around multi-joint exercises, target large muscle groups and progressive.
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