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Meet Marc Seymour, Founder and Director of Optimum Health Solutions

An aspiring cricketer, Marc travelled the world working as a strength and conditioning coach for some of the world’s leading basketball and tennis players. Marc founded and developed Australia’s leading Exercise Physiology and preventative health company.

Get to know Marc, and you will find out why our clients come and see us.

The Optimum Beginnings

Growing up, all I wanted to do was play sport, whether it be cricket, Australian Rules or soccer. Therefore it was a natural progression for me to pursue a degree in Exercise Science. I was a talented cricketer, playing first grade cricket in Sydney for many years. I accepted contracts to play league cricket in England, however I was an even better coach. My astute abilities to correct technique and identify errors were my true strengths.

At age 24 I realised that I if was not going to play for Australia, then I had the opportunity to accept an internship with the Houston Rockets NBA Basketball Team. I worked with the Houston Rockets as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, spending 12 months on staff. During the next 7 years, I was to train some of the best athletes in the world. I travelled the globe, working in this area. I was fortunate enough to train Chris (Birdman) Anderson, Moochie Norris, Mark Bryant, Reggie Slater, Sam Cassell, Sean Kemp, and Rashad Lewis – all players in the NBA. I then went on to train Andy Roddick (World no. 1 tennis player) and Bob & Mike Bryan (World no 1 doubles players). The combination of being a great coach, my background as a Rehabilitation Specialist and a wealth of knowledge in anatomy and physiology of the body, meant that I could be of great help to many players.

Marc’s Vision to Develop a Team Dedicated to Improving Australian Health

I opened the first Optimum studio in January 2005, within Wests Leagues Club in Ashfield, Sydney. It was 3 years later however, when I opened Optimum Rehab in Campbelltown Private Hospital, that the vision for the company grew and changed. I realised that Australia needed help. There were millions of Australians who were unable to overcome their health conditions, and needing help. This was the foundation of developing a team that could change the way Australians perceived their health – and grow a company that would make a dent into the poor health of this country.

As my vision and my company continued to grow, opportunities kept knocking, and new clinics were opening. We were actually being asked by governing bodies (such as Tennis NSW) and Medical Centres to partner with them and to bring our services to them. Pursuing one of my favorite sayings, “To knock on doors and see which one opens,” I was always happy to take the chance and walk through to new opportunities.

Enabling People to get the Best out of Themselves

Currently, the great thing about Optimum Health Solutions is that we have 11 locations open, and we’re continuing to grow. We partner with outstanding Practitioners, and we enable them to become business owners. We help amazing Therapists to take that crucial step, and we partner with them as a team.

As for myself, I can reflect upon my teenage years, where I coached kids in cricket. I have always possessed the skills to help people. My strengths lie in enabling people to get the best out of themselves. I am passionate about health. I am passionate about helping people make life long changes to their health. I am passionate towards helping my staff further develop their careers. I am passionate about helping my Optimum partners and Directors grow their businesses. And I am passionate about helping you.

I am proud that Optimum Health Solutions is Australia’s leading preventative health company, and I am excited about helping people move and improve into the future.

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