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Here at Optimum Health Solutions, we have many success stories in all different areas of health and fitness. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Marion. Marion is a true testament that age is just a number and that injuries and obstacles can be overcome with a little hard work to achieve your goals. Prior to her competition, Marion worked with us for 2 months where we worked on improving her injuries and allowing her to continue to train at a high intensity and volume without the risk of injury. Marion has been kind enough to write about her experiences from her initial injury all the way through to the competition.

July 31st, 2017

I take a fall down some stairs at work and bang up my right knee (this after hurting my left achilles in January when jumping a fence at an SES job to escape falling power lines!)

October 6th, 2017

I have a total right knee replacement. I was told that I would never be able to squat or lift heavy again
I go back to training ASAP, i.e. two weeks after leaving the hospital as I feel the rehab, whilst OK, is not catering to my needs to build strength.
Doing ongoing Strength Training, I meet a lady at my gym and get talking with my trainer about entering a Powerlifting Comp.


We set our sights on attending the Australian Masters Powerlifting Competition in Melbourne in August 2018. Part of the pre-requisite is to have participated in a Comp so I enter a local comp scheduled for the day after my 61st birthday – May 5, 2018. I contract a niggling shoulder complaint. I attend the comp and set then break the Australian Masters III 100kg+ Dead Lifting Record.

Looking forward to August, I decide I need to address the shoulder complaint. I find enough interest to attend the Open Day held by Optimum when opening at Croydon Park and think this may be just what I need. Here I meet Michael and Adam. We work sessions based solely on my shoulder and upper body. The shoulder loosens, I find the placement of the bar for the squat not only easier but it finds a better position – don’t get me wrong, the bar sitting on my back isn’t comfortable but it’s SO much easier. My shoulder is looser, my posture is better, my core is stronger. I go into the Australian Championships, stronger, confident and happy with form, and I break the record AGAIN – TWICE.

So in my first year and my first two Powerlifting Competitions at age 61 I have taken out 4 Australian Titles. I’m working on my squat (both depth with the knees, and positioning across the back) and my bench press (working on that weak right arm and shoulder).

Exercise, it is SO important, and even more so as you age. Not just a walk or yoga or pilates or swimming, we NEED weight-bearing exercises. I breezed through a total knee replacement because I was strong going in and had dedicated professionals, working me through weighted workouts when I was done.

Using facilities like Optimum with professional people there to guide you is just one of the options I used and will continue to use as I keep moving forward and challenge myself to better myself each time I lift, or press or squat. I’m not scared of falling over anymore and not being able to get up. Actually, I’m not scared of very much at all anymore, because I’m strong in body and mind, my BONES are strong. My outlook is positive. Getting old doesn’t seem to suck so much anymore, it’s just a number anyway, right!

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