Lifestyle Advice – Is it too general?

Recently I read an article discussing what the general advice is given to people wanting to lose weight and improve their overall health. There is an abundance of messages and research into the latest weight loss advice and what is most effective. You don’t have to look far to find what the newest weight loss craze is. Generally speaking, once you break it down, the advice is to ‘move more and eat less’. This article discusses how this message is not as helpful as it may seem at first glance, as it is quite general and is lacking specific guidelines.

Part of this article further discusses how we can be more specific with physical activity as well rather than just ‘moving more’. We can be more exact with exercise and physical activity by suggesting examples such as making a conscious effort to take the stairs or walking up the escalators. By doing this you can significantly increase the number of steps you do each day, as well as increase your calorie expenditure for the day, even without a designated exercise session.

 In regards to nutrition, we all know that we need to be eating more vegetables, however sometimes simply just saying that is too general. The article suggests trying some intermittent fasting, allowing yourself to get hungry and then satisfying that hunger with vegetables so that the next time you are hungry you are more likely to reach for vegetables to satisfy that hunger. In a way, you are training your mind and body to reach for healthier alternatives and aiding your body to lose weight.

If you or someone you know needs specific advice and guidance in regards to making small, manageable lifestyle changes please talk to your exercise physiologist and Optimum Health Solutions.

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