Keeping Life’s Priorities in Order

Many opportunities continue to present themselves to our business and our partners. We continue to lead the way in the industry. More doctors, medical centres, aged care facilities and businesses want to partner with the Optimum team, to bring our high levels of service and systems to their clients.

As we strive to help more people and choose the right partnerships, it occurred to me that even though we are expanding, there is a genuine need to remain focused on our core business. That is to be a client focused, lifestyle changing, results orientated business that puts our clients first, helping them to ‘live life to the fullest.’ This was the fundamental reason why I entered into this industry originally. This is certainly the number one attribute we look for in our staff when hiring. We know that when our team focuses on our core mission, other opportunities follow.

I ask the question, how is this different to you and your personal life? The truth is it isn’t. If I were to ask, “What’s the most important thing in your life?” chances are you will say your family first and your health second. Being recently married, I can appreciate this more than ever, on both fronts. The reality is, that if these are not your leading priorities, then your priorities may be out of order.

When you focus on what’s important to you, and prioritise these core values first, amazing opportunities tend to present themselves in other areas of your life. During the 11 years I have been in business, I have witnessed this over and over again. I have seen the people who put there health first, making long term changes to their lifestyle and health. I have seen hundreds of people gain control of their health, realise that they’re not only helping themselves, but more importantly, they’re helping their families too. They are giving their families the ultimate gift.

Yet there is so much more, as mentioned that in our business, when we focus on our core mission and put our clients first, opportunities arise for us. It is those people that put their health and families first, who are provided with increased opportunities. These opportunities present themselves in many different ways. For example, a promotion at work. Those with their priorities in the right place meet new people and develop new friendships. They receive new opportunities to travel more. The moral of the story is that when you prioritise your health first, those around you also benefit.

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