The Importance Of Routine On Good Exercise Habits

When it comes to keeping good exercise habits it is important to have a good routine. Everyone at some stage will find it hard to get into a good exercise routine or even maintain their current routine due to things in day to day life. If this does happen it is vital that you find a way that allows you to keep your exercise habits as routine as possible as to not lose your good habits. Now, when I say routine I don’t mean the exercises you are completing in the gym but a routine of when and where exercise fits into your life. You want exercise to be so much a part of your life that if you don’t do it on a certain day that you normally would you feel like something is missing, something that you should have done.

I know for a fact the importance of keeping a good routine. In the past things have changed in my life that have caused the time of day that I exercise to differ and sometimes even where I can exercise to change. Even for me that can take time to get used to, at first it was easy to miss a session here and there and not feel like you should have gone because when I would usually go, I was busy doing other things.

To get around this, I would have to make myself go at times that felt odd to me as I was out of routine. For me, it took about 2 weeks of making myself go at a different time for it to feel normal again. Now, I feel like I’m back into a normal routine and my exercise habits are back to normal.

It is normal for everyone to have things in their life that disrupt their routine. The important thing is that you re-adjust and find a time that fits into your life to continue to exercise, not letting it become routine to NOT go to the gym. Not exercising for 1 week can quickly become a month and maybe even 3 months. In this time the progression that you made will be lost and the motivation to get back into that routine will be even more challenging.

So, if you’re finding it hard to fit exercise into your life come and speak to one of our Exercise Physiologists who will sit down with you and help you find times in your week that you can dedicate to exercise.

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