I Have A Dream…

• That the Australian population will not be reactive to their health needs, but seek to prevent poor health by the decisions they make on a daily basis.

• That the Australian people start investing time, resources and money (if needed) into preventing poor health. This makes much more sense than spending money as an outcome of suffering from poor health.

• That the Australian people will stop dumbing down and tolerating poor health in our society. I hope we address poor health directly by proactively fighting this destruction that affects our nation.

• That the Australian people will get outdoors and enjoy the amazing country that we live in. That they be inspired by living here, which is a natural blessing in itself.

• That the Australian people will stop looking to the government and others to remedy their health problems, but they instead take a look within themselves, and to choose to make a change.

• That the Australian adult population will participate in sport, dancing, hiking and all the other physical activities that we once loved.

• That generations to come will be influenced by this generation, and that the downward spiral of poor health stops with this generation. That our children won’t know the chronic disease problems that we face today.

• That the Australian people will enjoy good quality produce, and eat food for its nutritional value, its great taste and its power to bring people together. Rather than abuse food and the poor quality imitations that we currently consume.


I believe that the only obstacle preventing people from living life to the fullest is poor health. I believe that every other reason or excuse that you can think of, can be overcome if you make a choice to achieve that goal. Everyone has access to education in this country. You can get a second job if you need more funds. You can obtain access to funding if you have a great idea. We live in an environment that promotes outdoor living. However, if you don’t have your health, you cannot achieve many of your dreams and goals. It is the fulfilment of your dreams and goals that are evidence of living life to the fullest.

How Do I Achieve It?

• Every day, I need to choose to get up 45min earlier so that I can prioritise exercise first thing in the morning. Maybe in the gym, or maybe a walk/run outside. If I don’t, I am less likely to do it throughout the day.

• Every day, I need to make a choice to visit the market and buy healthy, nutritious food, because it is so easy to buy the quick unhealthy version that is also readily available.

• Every day, I have to choose to go to bed at a reasonable time. Not staying up late watching TV, because this makes me less productive during the upcoming days.

• Every day, I have to choose to keep learning and growing, so I can be an inspiration to my staff, our clients and to my sphere of influence (that’s you reading this article).


This is the reason why Optimum does what we do!!!

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