How to Maintain Your Routine During and After the Holiday Period

With Christmas and the new year behind us, people may be returning from holidays, or their down time. What’s important is to ensure that our transition back into the new year embraces all the great habits and lifestyle choices that we implemented last year.

It can be easy to become side tracked, which is why I have come up with some guidelines.

Spend 5 minutes after waking every morning doing some kind of exercise or activity that will help you achieve your goals. Change it up each day, make it fun! Not only will this be beneficial for your physical health, but it’s also great for your mental health, by setting yourself up for the rest of the day in a good frame of mind.

Drink plenty of water! During our busy days during the week a drink bottle will probably be close by, especially when going to and from the gym. It can be easy to forget to keep hydrated. Furthermore, try to keep tabs on your water intake, making sure you’re drinking a minimum of 2 litres per day.

EXERCISE!! This can include resistance and cardiovascular based training. There are plenty of body weight exercises to keep you moving. You want to be performing a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week, and 210 minutes a week for weight loss!

Finally, you need to remember to look after your nutrition. The holiday period may have lead to plenty of visits to see friends and family with the temptation of food around. Continue to adhere to your nutritional goals, whether it is eating protein for breakfast or limiting your daily servings of carbohydrates.

Today’s choices will be tomorrow’s improvements. (And remember, I believe that there are no calories in food on Christmas Day, but they exist every other day).


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