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Your Health Guide to The Silly Season

  • C —– Create new Christmas family rituals this year like going for a walk before lunch is served or playing a game of family cricket.
  • H —– Healthy eating is key at these times. Choose the healthy option for both food and alcohol.
  • R —– Rest. This time of year is extremely busy with parties, family, organising & travelling. Ensure you get enough rest to feel refreshed and ready for the days ahead. Lack of sleep has been shown to affect eating habits, and you are less likely to exercise when tired. So ensure you get adequate sleep.
  • I —– If you’re on holidays, walking is often the best mode of transport. You will enjoy your surroundings plus complete your daily exercise goals.
  • S —– Set new goals. Following the Christmas period, it’s important that you set yourself new, achievable goals to ensure you are motivated for the new year.
  • T —– Travel healthily and safely. Before travelling long distances, ensure you have a car full of water and fruit, instead of nibbling on unhealthy snacks. Travel safely by ensuring that you have a good rest the night before.
  • M —– Moderation. This applies to both food and exercise. Yes, you are allowed treats at Christmas time, although ensure everything is consumed in moderation. Focus your exercise on the time you have available. If you have less time, then try increasing the intensity of your exercise.
  • A —– Alternate your alcoholic drinks with a glass of water, to ensure you stay hydrated. Consume less alcohol over the Christmas period.
  • S —– Stay active throughout the holiday season. Plan your workouts around your daily activities.
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