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Group Exercise – How it can help you?

With group training becoming increasingly popular in the fitness industry, whether it be small group PT (personal training), specific health programs, indoor crossfit classes or boot camps, it is important to recongnise the benefits of such group classes.

Apart from the obvious physical benefits of exercise, such as: Weight loss and therefore freedom from disease, decreased blood pressure, increasing cardiovascular endurance, overall good health (improved immune system) improvement to well being (both mood and sleep). Group training helps you in many other ways. The American College of sports medicine believes that group exercise can help us feel young again by allowing us to be active amongst friends, something that many of us have not done since childhood. They also profess that group exercise provides you with a variety of benefits that you may miss out on if you train on your own. These include: Safe and effectively designed workouts, consistent exercise schedule, accountability factor and a workout that is suitable for all.

Other benefits include allowing you to be social, meet new friends that share similar goals and experiences.  Group training provides you with the motivation that others “are going through what you are going through”. Individuals cannot hide in the classes and you are more likely to stay on track. Furthermore, exercise is more likely to become habitual. Now we understand that our group exercise (Boot Camp) programs are not for everyone for example if you have injuries then you are much better to be under the supervision of our Exercise Physiologists within our studio where we can design a specific program for your needs, but we do have group classes available within each of our studios which specifically meet your medical conditions.

Currently we have group exercise (Boot Camp) classes that run at Ashfield Boys High School and Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre. We also run group classes within each of our studios. So if you want an affordable way to exercise with your very own fitness coach then give your nearest studio a call and see how our group training can be of help to you.

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