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Getting Started: A guide to making lifestyle changes

Have you been thinking about eating healthier or know you should get back into exercise but always seem to push it to the back of your mind? Maybe you don’t know where to start? Making positive lifestyle and behavioural changes can be challenging! Often people may attempt these changes but find themselves struggling and giving up after only a short period. Whether it be in relation to exercise, diet or any other aspect of life, sometimes we may need some help in making these changes lifelong.

Here are our top tips:

  1. Have a plan: know what you want and go for it!
  2. Set short term and long term goals: set a long-term goal and then break down this goal into achievable short-term goals. Monitoring progress on short-term goals will keep you on track and motivated to reach your long-term goal.
  3. Start small: make one small change at a time instead of changing your whole lifestyle immediately. As healthy behaviours become a habit, introduce another.
  4. Involve a friend: Involving a friend or family member can often motivate you to pursue these changes when you may be feeling unmotivated.
  5. Ask for help: The staff at Optimum Health Solutions are here to assist you in every way possible when it comes to your health.

If you’re looking to start making healthy lifestyle and behavioural changes or would like assistance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, contacting the allied health professionals at Optimum Health Solutions can get you started. Let us help you create a healthier lifestyle today!

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