Getting Headaches At Work?


Do you have a gradual increase in neck pain just before experiencing a headache?

Then you may be experiencing symptoms of a Cervicogenic headache.

What is a Cervicogenic headache?:

A Cervicogenic headache is a type of headache that originates from the neck. The headache then presents as a constant dull ache, most commonly in the back of the head or on the forehead, temporally.


The nerves that supply the superior joints in the neck also supply the skin on the face (forehead, jawline, and back of the eyes/ears). Therefore a bi-directional pathway for communication of painful sensations exists between the neck and the head.


Clinically, the most common cause is poor posture – prolonged forward-headed posture. All the hours and hours of poor posture at our desks, driving, reading and watching TV. These activities increase the loading on the superior joints in the neck, which sends the information of pain and inflammation to converge on higher pain centres, which results in a cervicogenic headache.


Come in and meet our friendly Physiotherapy staff, who can evaluate the muscle activation patterns of the neck, and use these to assess and correct your posture, as well as reduce the loading on your neck. Book an appointment today for a free Physiotherapy consultation, to discuss the wide range of Physiotherapy treatment techniques that are effective in treating and alleviating cervicogenic headaches.

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