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Curb your Christmas Calories

The Christmas season is a fantastic opportunity to spend time catching up with family and friends. However at this time of year, it can also be a challenging time for those of you who are watching what you eat.

End of year celebrations seem to start earlier these days, which means more chances to over-eat at social events and therefore, more occasions to get off track. This is when the old saying: “Proper planning prevents poor performance,” plays a role. A good party eating plan for the holiday period helps minimise excess calorie consumption and keeps you focused with your eating.

Here are 10 tips to help you curb your Christmas calories:

  • If hosting an event, serve a range of healthy snacks on the table. For example fruit platters, rice crackers with low fat hummus or tzatziki, or homemade popcorn and pretzels are good options for your table.
  • For your guests, make up healthy refreshing drinks, such as mineral water with fresh squeezed lemon/lime/orange or plain chilled water.
  • To cut back on fat, remove the skin from roast meats and prepare large baked potatoes as a side instead of creamy potato bakes.
  • If attending an event, don’t arrive hungry. Have a healthy snack before you go, to reduce the chance you’ll stay close to the food table for the duration.
  • Whilst at a party, it’s tempting to pile up your plate with lots of different foods. Avoid this by taking one or two items and come back later for more, if you genuinely need to.
  • Don’t reach for the pastry items. By simply avoiding one of the most energy dense party foods, this will help curb calories consumed.
  • Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and limit alcohol to particular times (e.g. after 6pm).
  • Help limit excess kilojoules by using small wine glasses. A standard glass of wine is 150 millilitres, not 300 millilitres.
  • Kindly let your close friends and family know you would appreciate them not giving you food as gifts, especially nuts, lollies and chocolates. The rule: out of sight, out of mind helps immensely.
  • Shake your booty after dinner to some Christmas tunes, which will help with burning excess calories consumed.
Most of all have fun, stay safe and Merry Christmas everyone!
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