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Communication & Swallowing Difficulties Following a Stroke

Communication & Swallowing Difficulties Following a Stroke

In Australia alone, every 10 minutes, separate individuals encounter a stroke equating to over 60,000 strokes annually. In fact, over half a million individuals are predicted to suffer from a stroke in the next 10 years, causing this to be the main cause of injuries for Australians. As a result, 60% of people with a stroke will develop associated difficulties swallowing from these situations (dysphagia), as well as 20% developing issues involving spoken language (aphasia).


When blood flow to the brain is disrupted a stroke occurs. It can inflict damage to the affected brain components which may contribute to difficulties in areas including:

  • speech comprehension
  • visualisation
  • writing
  • recognition and usage of body language and movements
  • thought processing
  • focusing
  • memory
  • social interaction
  • hearing
  • swallowing


  • Talk in brief , clear sequences
    Give the individual a chance for discussion, avoid hurrying and trying to finish their sentences
  • Empower the individual to be as independent as possible, however offer assistance if requested or needed
  • Urge each individual to speak, even though it takes a long time
  • Remain empathetic to the individuals struggle and anger


Speech pathologists can assist individuals that have suffered from a stroke, studying, diagnosing and treating communication disorders as well as issues with swallowing. A speech pathologist can offer advanced support and guidance about how best to improve speaking and/or swallowing impairments that arise as well as rehabilitation options.

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