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With the current outbreak of COVID-19 in the world and the ongoing uncertainty that’s happening in our country right now, it is important that those who have communication difficulties are able to receive the information they need. Changes to routine can often be quite distressing for individuals with disabilities so it’s important that they are provided with appropriate information to help them understand these new events.


Take the time to sit down with the individual and talk about the virus in conversation. For some people, it can be helpful to have a communication board with visual symbols to help them understand this information and express their concerns. By giving them a voice, it’ll help provide a sense of control and power that everyone needs in these unpredictable times.


Optimum Health Solutions however, can provide some level of normality. Keeping up with regular consultations over telehealth conferencing, home visits and all locations currently still accessible means clients and practitioners can work together to stay active, healthy and fruitful.

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