Back Pain! Should I Exercise or not?

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain has the potential to majorly impact one’s everyday activities. Can you relate to this? I certainly can. Chances are that you can as well. It has been estimated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that 80% of Australians will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. That’s nearly everybody. So what are some of the common causes of lower back pain, and how can we manage it?

Lower back pain can be caused by a variety of different structures. These include muscles, ligaments, bone, nerves, blood vessels and intervertebral discs. The symptoms that you experience will depend on the region that is affected. Counter-intuitively, the intensity of pain does not correlate to the severity of damage. Minor injuries can cause very high levels of pain due to activation of sensitive pain receptors. Conversely, more serious injuries may not cause a great discomfort and may even be unnoticeable.

Thus while pain is certainly an unpleasant experience, it is important not to allow this pain to debilitate or dictate your life. Research has repeatedly shown that withdrawal from physical activity is detrimental to your recovery. In fact, structured physical activity is the most effective long term treatment for lower back pain. While other treatment options such as drug therapy may have negative side effects, physical exercise will result in a wide array of positive effects, including benefits to physical, psychological and sexual function. The key is the right exercises at the right times, for the right patient.

The Verdict

I believe that effective Physiotherapy is centered on tailor made treatment plans for each individual patient. Recipe-driven textbook solutions are doomed to fail, since each patient is different, and needs to be managed accordingly. I believe in evidence based treatment that is molded to the client, as well as their short and long term goals.

That means it’s all about you and what your body needs. If you want a solution to your lower back pain, book an appointment today to see a Physiotherapist at Optimum Health Solutions, and we can work together towards getting you where you want to be.

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