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Michael Adams


Michael graduated from the University of Sydney and has worked primarily private practice He has accumulated a vast array of clinical experience in paediatrics, neurological and clinical rehab physiotherapy. Michael has setup and runs Optimum's highly successful chronic pain management program.

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Benefit From Hydrotherapy - Advantages of Those Who Utilise It

Benefit From Hydrotherapy – Advantages of Those Who Utilise It

Hydrotherapy is any form of exercise that is completed underwater. Hydrotherapy can increase muscle mass and strength.

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Is Squatting Bad for your Knees? No!

You may have heard the adage about squatting and knees, which may have gone something along the lines of “squatting is bad for your knees”. …

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What is Dry Needling or Acupuncture?

Do you have persistently tight muscles? Do you feel that you have knots in your muscles? Have you been stressed out recently or been suffering …

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Back Pain! Should I Exercise or not?

Lower Back Pain Lower back pain has the potential to majorly impact one’s everyday activities. Can you relate to this? I certainly can. Chances are …

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