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Annette Ivanos

Head of Clinical Development - Speech Pathology

Annette is a Senior Speech Pathologist with over 15 years experience working with children and adults with complex communication needs. Annette has worked within the disability sector for many years and within hospitals, providing communication and swallowing assessment and management to adults with neurological impairments. Annette’s passion and motivation is in the clinical development and mentoring of Speech Pathologists. She provides all Speech Pathologists at Optimum with dedicated ongoing clinical supervision and professional development.

LAtest Content

Celebrating Speech Pathology Week 2023

Empowering Communication for Life at Optimum Health Solutions Communication is the key to forming connections, expressing emotions, and sharing experiences. As we celebrate Speech Pathology …

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A close of a woman hand saying thank you in sign language

Introduction To Key Word Sign (KWS)

Key Word Signing (KWS) is a valuable communication tool designed to support individuals of varying ages who experience difficulties in expressing themselves and comprehending others. …

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Tools to Support Communication Difficulties.

Tools to Support Communication Difficulties.

AAC, or alternative and augmentative communication are strategies, systems and tools that can support an individual with communication difficulties. These tools can be anything from Key word signs (i.e. more, finished) to devices that can replace natural speech. But how does this work?

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