Adam Shephard

Exercise Physiologist

Adam originally started working with athlete development at the Tennis Centre. He has since honed his clinical skills with a varied client base. He has experience with cardio-vascular, musculoskeletal, rehab, chronic disease management and hydrotherapy. He has a particular interest Musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

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Exercising With Sore Knees

At some stage, we have all suffered from sore knees. It is an extremely common musculoskeletal issue that plagues a lot of patients that I …

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We all lead very busy lives and sometimes it’s not easy to find time to exercise. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends Adults aged 18–64 …

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Exercise and Endorphins

Have you ever had a really stressful, busy day where everything just seems to whiz by at 100 miles an hour? Or have you had …

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Exercise and Lung Cancer

With the end of the year fast approaching the month of “Movember” is upon us once again. For those unaware “Movember” is an initiative where …

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Take Diabetes Seriously

Diabetes is a very serious condition that is not to be taken lightly. All too often I hear clients acting very nonchalant about having high …

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Exercise Spotlight – Hip Bridge

The Hip Bridge, also known as the Glute Bridge or Supine Hip Raise, is an easy yet effective exercise suitable for all ages and fitness …

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Stretching Is The Most Underrated Part Of Fitness

I personally believe one of the most underrated aspects of health and fitness, that we all overlook is stretching. Stretching regularly is equally as important …

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Learning to Love Exercise

How many times have you heard the phrase, “You should lead a more active lifestyle”? From doctors to specialists, family and friends, the guy on …

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Progressive Overload

As I have been talking with my clients consistently on a certain topic over the last two months, I noticed that by applying this topic …

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Habitual Eating

Do you eat when you’re not hungry? How often do you find yourself rummaging through the pantry or fridge looking for a snack? How often …

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