Augmentative and Alternative Communication – Supporting Communication

What is AAC?

  • AAC is any way of supporting communication.
  • Any way of ‘making language visual’ by using pictures, photos, objects, signs, etc
  • Can range from using gestures & body movements to using ‘high tech’ devices (“talking machines”).
  • Augmentative (Aided) Communication is using pictures, sign, etc with speech
  • Alternative Communication is using pictures, sign, etc instead of speech

Categories of AAC:


  • Crying
  • Body Movements
  • Facial Expression
  • Eye Contact
  • Natural Gesture
  • Pointing
  • Mime
  • Touch
  • Key Word Signing


  • Objects/Tangible Eg, juice packet for ‘drink’
  • Photographs Eg, photo of bowl for ‘lunch’
  • Pictographs Eg, PCS
  • Written Word

Low Tech

High Tech

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