Another Optimum Success Story: Olga Blagojevic

Olga Blagojevic: 87 years old

For years Olga had noticed her balance had been getting worse, her hearing had been fading and with this so was her balance. This culminated in December 2012 when Olga had a fall and broke her sacrum and arm. Olga had been in a lot of pain for over 6 months when her Doctor referred her to Optimum. Olga has been coming to Optimum now for 4 months and her pain has all but gone away.

“I Have better balance, I am no longer falling and I have my confidence back to go walking. I have loved coming to my sessions and I feel so much better” Olga says.

Olga Blagojovic you are an inspiration to so many people. Keep up the great work. You show that no matter what your age you can improve your life if you work to a plan.

Olga you are truly an Optimum Success Story!!! Keep up the great work  !
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