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Optimum Success Story: Stephen Morey has Lost 42Kg

I started training with Optimum in December 2014, when I was referred by my Doctor’s practice. I originally received a care plan from my doctor, which enabled the cost of my first 8 sessions to be covered by Medicare. I knew I needed to change, but I didn’t know how, or really what I could do safely. I spent my life driving a taxi, leading a very unhealthy life, going from one takeaway food outlet to another, with no exercise at all. I was extremely overweight (as you can see) and my health was suffering dramatically. This referral came just at the right time, and I knew that I needed to change.

When I began, my health wasn’t very good at all. I knew it was going to be a long road. To be honest, after the first two sessions, I wondered what I had got myself in for. But it did become easier. It has been a big challenge, but I managed to maintain consistency in coming to the gym 3 times per week at the Ashfield studio. I’m walking every other day. I have also totally overhauled my diet. It is because of this persistence that my journey has been very rewarding.

I am very thankful to my trainers. They really assisted me and in particular, held me accountable to the plan. During my weight loss, I have seen myself become more active in general, which has motivated me to continue. I know that I have a long way to go, but my diabetes is now under control with medication. My goal is not to be reliant upon diabetes medication. I feel a lot better and much happier, having lost 42kg in the 5 months since I have started (but I have more to lose).

I would recommend Optimum to everyone. They have a really friendly and accepting environment, which has helped me. I hope that next year I will feature in the magazine again, once I have achieved all my goals. Thanks Optimum.

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