Another Optimum Success Story: Chris Chalon

In  2011 Chris Chalon was a 16 year old school kid who had a major health problem. He weighed 140kgs. His knees and back were suffering from pain. “I couldn’t walk up stairs without severe pain,” Chris says. “I used to look in the mirror and feel  physically sick. I was very unhappy with who I was.”

Chris’ transformation started back in 2011. The catalyst was when Chris had to give up his apprenticeship as a mechanic with Lexus, because he couldn’t physically slide under a car chassis without experiencing severe pain.

Lost and in despair, Chris made the decision to lose weight. The reality hit when his manager sat him down to advise that his physical limitations prevented his expected job performance. Naturally, this devastated Chris.

That same day, Chris went home to begin his change. He researched healthy eating, and immediately changed his diet. The weight started to drop off. As his weight continued to reduce, Chris was referred to Optimum by his Doctor. He began training with Luke at our Ashfield studio. By combining exercise with changes to his food intake, the results were amazing !

Chris now weighs 95Kg. “I am dramatically fitter and stronger,” Chris exclaims. “My knees are so much better. I was educated about how to improve them. I am planning to play sport, which I love. I feel great. I am very comfortable with myself, and am in a much better place than I was before. My posture, shoulders are back have all improved. I am much more confident.”

We are so proud of the changes that Chris has made. It truly is amazing. Chris has saved himself from a life of poor health, but it gets even better.

Not only has he made the change in his own life. He now has the incentive to help his family. His younger brothers have been heading down the same path of weight gain. Being the oldest brother, Chris is inspiring the whole family to make the change. This demonstrates truly amazing maturity for someone so young.

Chris wanted to tell his story to the Optimum community because he hopes to be an inspiration to many. Chris testifies, “I hope my story inspires others to get out, and give it a go. Everyone at Optimum is very friendly. Everyone comes for a different reason, but they care for you as an individual. I really hope my story inspires others to pick up the phone, and get started. It doesn’t matter if you are 19 or 75 years old. You will love it here.”

We are so proud of Chris!

Chris Chalon you are truly an Optimum Success Story!

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